100% Biodegradable Event and Trade Show Bag

These event and trade show bags are 100% biodegradable!

Made from fabric which is Landtopia certified, these bags contain a scientifically proven organic compound which helps break down the bags after approximately 12 months in landfill.

*We love these bags, but you need to know that due to the biodegradable nature of the fabric, they will also start to weaken once exposed to UV light. Under our harsh Australian sun, this can start happening within 6-12 months. This means the bags are doing exactly what they are supposed to do! But they will not last as long as our standard polypropylene event and trade show bags.

41cm X 36cm X 11cm + Handles
Black, Royal, Navy, Red, White, Pink, Forest Green, Green, Maroon, Yellow, Bottle Green
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